In order to provide solutions through the creation of holistic opportunity that will serve children’s youth and elders people of the community as a safe haven from exploitation.


The fac will give you an opportunity to learn many skills Such as knowledge for your future. to immerse yourself in another culture, to share, give and receive your knowledge from other Communities.


We rely on the generosity of corporations and individuals to achieve both goals on the behalf of children's youth and elders rights.


We are also host individual groups who wish to conduct hidden talents research and  Volunteering

Opportunity, These can be combined with short courses 


·   Traditional Music

·   Traditional Drama

·   Traditional Dance

·   Traditional clowning

·    Traditional Arts and Culture



·    The opportunity We are currently  offering day after day

·    Construction in Maintenance and Repairing for  school’s and Hospital’s

·    Environment Project

·    Health Development

·    Street Educator - social worker, (working with street Children

·    Sports

·    Teaching in Nursery School’s , Primary School’s, Secondary School’s and Collage’s

·    Voluntary in Orphanages and other related organizations Subject, 


  The internal ( F.a.c staff, member, Volunteer and Teachers ):

·    Pursue Growth & Learning

·    Create new fun and dynamic experiences

·    Build a positive team and family spirit

·    Be Humble

·    Be hard working & self driven

·    Be generous and willing to share 


  The External (neighbors, community, students, event participants):

·    Positive Community Experiences interacting with arts

·    Bringing the arts and clowns to new eyes

·    Developing capacity (youth) Debut in a supportive environment

·    Seasoned Artists stretch & awaken something new in unique collaborations.


As far as We knows is As long as we live, The Almighty God has given each one the unique  gift of capacity to work side by side with everybody for goodwill and greater good side at heart of humanity


P.o. Box 4043 Ngaramtoni ya Juu, Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa

Tel; +255 (0) 763 418 896,  +255 (0) 684 140 479

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