Our outreach programmers gives an opportunity to every visitor, students or any one of the “community member” who wish to join us in order to build and to sustain the  strong society to present up to the next generations. Also our programmers and supporting is the one of the best way which gives both the best (skap), skills, knowledge, attitude and performance,





























































P.o. Box 4043 Ngaramtoni ya Juu, Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa

Tel; +255 (0) 763 418 896,  +255 (0) 684 140 479

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 Fac Office

P.o.Box 4043 Ngaramtoni ya Juu



East Africa


Tel +255 (0) 763 418 896 or +255 (0) 684 140 479

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To encourage arts performance as service and to encourage communication “such as knowledge and experience “  between the indigenous Friends and the International Friends.


To promote changes from one to another. To give knowledge Such as skills, how to reduce personal risks and to enlarge environmental safety.

Information and Activity

Since it’s inception in 2000 The Fac has engaged professional actors, Drummers, Musicians, Dancers, Clowns and Puppeteers information to local communities in and out of Tanzania. It has sponsored visit of tourists and other interested person to attend special event and Traditional celebrations at the local sites.


These activities gives information in an active matter that is easily understood and addresses the life style and practices of the Community. The Arts and clowns forms focus  on Dreams Safaris of  hidden talents.


Music, Dance, Drama, Clowns, puppet shows and story telling are the traditional means of passing information within the Children’s, Youth’s and Elder’s people of the community. 


All this; Is to provide an opportunity for the indigenous Friends to international friends  to come together and learn about each others religion, ethnicity, gender and background. And to gain mutual respect and appreciation for each others similarities and differences.


By sharing the knowledge and skills, in order to help each other, So that we may work side by side to build and to sustain the Hidden Talents for both side Children’s Youth’s and Elder’s people to present Up to the next generations





From Tanzania to the Netherlands for one thing; Generous of willing to share