I like to introduce you to Emanuel Samson The Project Co-ordinator and Foreign Representative


 Emanuel started working with Fun Arts and Clowns (Fac ) outreach program as an social environmentalist tour guide since 2000. He worked very hard to share his knowledge with children’s, youth and elders people in order to make them understand that, there is a relationship between spirituality, living organism and their environment.


 Emanuel studied by himself to learn about nature. He spent most of his time by studying wild Creature Behaviour. He has given many training courses, such as: Wildlife Ecology and Natural History, Human Natural Culture and Impact Skills, Environmental Conservation, Wilderness Survival Skills and Clown Puppet shows.


Day to day Emanuel has many opportunity to do many children's and youth workshop in his home town Tanzania and the Netherlands.  


Emanuel love very much Wildlife Ecology and Culture Tourism. In that way he love to share his knowledge for the Development of the Communities.


 In every now and then Emanuel continually  guiding children’s youth and elders people around  in Tanzania and the Netherland. He specializes in Arts workshop and Wilderness Trekking Safaris. He is well experienced and has e great sense of humour.



Emanuel Samson

Fac Clowns Tour Organizer

Project Co-ordinator


The Fun Arts and Clowns  is currently run By Professional Volunteers,  here you can learn about their history and  responsibilities for the community development , and acquired wide range of different knowledge additional skillsReady to work in a fast paced Dynamic Environment and Hospitality.

 I like to introduce you to Daniel Kwaslema The Fac Project Treasure in Arusha Tanzania.


Mr. Daniel started with Fac in 2004 promoting the Fac program across the Tanzania Villages. He is the professional biology Teacher and spends his time teaching  in various Schools. Mr Daniel is a holder of diploma in Education at Monduli teachers Colleges (1996)  and pursued a Bachelor Degree of  science with Education  at the  University of Dar es salaam (2000).


Daniel  began his career as a Biology teacher in 1992 when he worked for the St. Joseph ’s Junior Seminary. And then he moved to Kilimanjaro region at  Weru weru Secondary School and thereafter he joined Arusha Meru Secondary School until 2007.   He also worked as Biology teacher  at  SOS Hermann Gmeiner. School and currently at  Arusha Modern Secondary School.


He is involved in the day-to-day running of Arusha Modern Secondary School, Through his direct work with students, he undertakes home visits. He stimulates the rehabilitation of the student’s. He does what he can to make an opening so that the students can go back home with full of knowledge.


P.o. Box 4043 Ngaramtoni ya Juu, Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa

Tel; +255 (0) 763 418 896,  +255 (0) 684 140 479

E-mail;  funandclown@yahoo.com Or  fv_camp@yahoo.com





I like to introduce you to Hester Christiane  The Sport and Game Teacher and Fac  Project Director..


Hester Join the Fac team as Talents Trainer in order to bring understanding between International friends to Native friends. She is involved here  in Tanzania as Sport and Games Teacher, She is now working in collaboration with The Fun arts and Clowns programs Director in Outreach programs;  so that she might  bring changes in developing for the benefit of Children’s Youth and Elder People.


She works very hard  as Trainer in contribution  to Arts and Artist in social educations service, economic, safety and environmental improvements,


Day to day she is involved  teaching in some Schools at Arusha region as Sport and Games teacher and She is very knowledgeable about  Vocation Training skills, Music and  Wildlife.



I like to introduce you to Gasper Gidalle The Fac Project workshop Co-ordinator in Arusha Tanzania.


In November 2010 Mr Gasper join The Fun Arts and Clowns ( Fac ) as Volunteer  Drama Teacher. Through his understand how to use his Talent with Fac member,


Gasper leads  Fac outreach programs such as care and services and include everything having to do with Fac workshop in daily life. Day today Gasper  involve with training children’s, youth in Drama and sports.

Gasper  has many years of experience working with children’s and youth, before joing Fac He worked as an youth supervisor in Loliondo, then He move to Arusha and become very Successfully in business and self employee, he has is own  Hair cutting Saloon.

Gasper Says; How can you sitting there and telling Us that you not lucky of them and while your still hiding the gift of your talent without pleased yourself as well, So that you may let Us see that your Talent are more important for the benefit of all.

Hester Christiane

Sports and Games Teacher

Fac Project Director   

Gasper Gidalle

Fac Drama Teacher

Workshop’s Co-ordinator  

Daniel Kwaslema

Fac Biology Teacher 

Project Treasure  

The Fun Arts and Clowns is led by  skilled social worker and international facilitator on business entrepreneurship, professional social environmental teachers and material arts talent promoter. They’re  committed by hard working Leaders and Administrator ; They’re  willing and able to malt tasks, well qualified in social work in Arts, sport, games, Clowns tour organizing  and Wildlife Safaris guides , with a wide range of working experience